Meet the New Guy: It's Tyler!


The team at James & Matthew is always growing and expanding. Recently, we brought our long-time friend and collaborator Tyler Kerpsack on board with us full-time as our Video Producer.

So, tell us a little about yourself...

Tyler: I'm from Orlando, Florida. Throughout high school and college, I worked a freelance cinematographer and producer, which was a good part-time gig that helped me get through school. I attended UCF for Biomedical Science with the intent to pursue medical school, but in my last semester of year 4, I came to my senses and realized that I was fighting my dream to be a full-time Director of Photography. I haven’t looked back since…

What made you want to join our crazy little team at J&M?

Tyler: After 8 years of freelancing, one thing you miss out on is the creative collaboration of a team that you've grown with and trust. I’m really excited about getting to focus in on my area and having other people with amazing talent to bounce ideas around with.


In your new role as our Video Producer, what exactly do you do?

Tyler: I manage the video and audio production side of projects… This involves scoring music for commercials, directing cameras on set, managing gear logistics on location, as well as editing and color grading.

What do you do in your free time?

Tyler: I enjoy watching documentaries, and reading/writing in film production forums to learn and collaborate on new techniques.


Last thing… Tell us about a little-known skill or talent you have...

Tyler: I used to be obsessed with aviation. By age 14, I had logged so many hours in flight simulation that I knew the pre-flight checklist of a Boeing 737-800 by heart.

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