Feel It: Feeling More Things

Our new Feel Things campaign needed a video. A weird, squishy, feely video… So our new Video Producer Tyler got to work.


Four packets of special edition Despicable Me Jell-O and a couple of weird Amazon shipments later, he was ready to get started...


When it came time to shoot, we knew we wanted to see the Jell-O directly overhead, which posed some issues with our 32-pound camera rig! After going through a few increasingly sketchy DIY setups, it was decided that a leaning tripod with some bungee cord support was the best option. And aside from giving Tyler periodic anxiety, it worked out great! (A silk was removed from the front of one to give some directional shadows.)


Add in some cheap soft boxes, and we had the look we were after!


The trickiest part about this whole shoot was that there was no room for error! Any mistakes meant the Jell-O would have to be remade and the process would have to be re-started. This meant that the talent's hands spent a long time submerged in Jell-O in-between takes — And the concentration was so strong from doubling the recipe that her hands were stained blue for three days after the shoot!

Worth it? We think so.

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