We Love it When a Shoot Comes Together!

Recently, our team had the privilege of spending some time in Michigan with our friends at the Michigan Dental Association working on a brand new video spot. There were many people and pieces that needed to come together to make this shoot happen — and boy, did it come together! Here's how we made the magic happen...


Tyler Kerpsack,

Director of Photography: 

"As the Director of Photography on this project, I helped with the vision, and more importantly the execution of the shoot from a technical standpoint. From pre-production to post-production, I worked closely with Mariella to achieve the visual identity we created for this piece.


The visual concept from the beginning was this dreamy, soft, slow-motion piece. We achieved this utilizing a RED Dragon 6k camera with 3000k key light, heavily diffused with a 5000k backlight and 5000k hair light. Everything was filmed at 120fps on the new Sigma 50-100mm Cine lens. Working the camera in a small space was a challenge with the movement that we needed to achieve. The Kessler Shuttle Dolly and speed rail were the perfect match for fitting a rig over the dentist seat while allowing a decent amount of motion. From concept to completion, I believe we achieved visually what we set out to do."


Mariella McNeany,

Art Director:

"My involvement in this project spanned pre-production planning, to on set direction and video editing. My main task in planning was choosing the talent. The goal was to make the spot inclusive, including a wide range of age, gender, ethnicity, and condition of teeth.


Tyler and I worked together and relied on each other’s areas of expertise and instincts, which at times overlapped. My primary role during the shoot was to direct the talent on their performances, and also watch on screen to make sure the clips were on track with our vision for the final spot. Also making sure the right parts of the frame were in focus, making sure no one had any food stuck in their teeth or any visual weirdness was happening in the background, etc. 

After the shoot, Tyler and I again worked side-by-side to pick the best clips and organize them into the final spot. This process was a delicate balance of pacing and dramatic effect, blending with the music bed and voice over."


Matt Lourie,

Project Manager: 

"Managing this project was relatively simple. My two primary roles were to manage the established budget (ie: keep us on or below target) and act as the agency liaison with the two talent/model agencies in Boston to confirm the 11 talents we were interested in working with. 


During the shoot, I was mainly responsible for talent hospitality — meeting/greeting the talent, getting talent releases signed, as well as ushering them to and from the shooting space. I also took on the role of PA, picking up the camera equipment, running errands, gathering lunch/dinner and anything else that the team needed to keep the process moving forward and on schedule."

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