About the Ampersand...

Today is National Ampersand Day.

We have an ampersand in our logo, and it’s not just because I think the logogram is beautiful in appearance, or that we couldn’t figure out how to use the long form “and” in our brand.

Our company name is James & Matthew, named after its founders. When Jim and I considered naming the company, we looked at all different variations of our names. We both felt that it was cold and boring to use our last names. I also felt strongly that one of our differentiators is the level of thought and interest that we take in our client family. So, it only made sense that we considered our first names. We want to be on a first-name basis with everyone we meet and work with — That’s really what it came down to.

When we started, it was just Jim and myself. If I intended our name to express only the two of us, I would have present us as James, Matthew. Perhaps if I wanted to show our emphasis on equality, I would have considered James; Matthew. But I chose an ampersand because we are a team. That placement is 100% deliberate.

Everything in between Jim and I is what truly matters. That in-between is where the work gets done. It’s where the smiles, the belly laughs, and the absurdity happens. It’s where the inspiration is found, captured, bottled, and presented. It’s what makes people feel things. It’s what elevates our work and drives our curiosity.

The ampersand is our flock of dodos: John, Laurie, Craig, Alyssa, Mariella, Katy, David, and Matt. It’s our awesome and supportive family of clients. It’s our ever-forming extended family of freelancers.

So on this day, the most arbitrary and obscure of “national holidays,” I express my gratitude for everything in-between. As we continue to grow our in-between, we continue to grow our agency.



P.S. "Hey Siri, Play Arms Wide Open by Creed." Just kidding Siri, don't ever play Creed on my phone or I'll be switching to Samsung.