Sponsorships Worth a Damn

What's the ROI of "premium logo placements" and half-hearted shoutouts from event DJs?


If you're reading this, you're probably painfully aware. So, how is it that some brands can sponsor an event or an organization and get all the love, and others walk home empty-handed beyond the leftover swag?

We believe it comes down to one simple rule: They invested more than the price of admission. 

What is that supposed to mean? It means that they understood the value of the sponsorship was not what they received, but what they gave. If that sounds like some sort of Simon Sinek motivational speech, let me put it another way: 


Your audience doesn't care unless they experience what's in it for them. 

The price of admission into the hearts and minds of your sponsorship audience involves time, talent, and treasure beyond your initial investment.

Bring Something Unique  

When we say that you have to give more than you initially receive, we're not talking about a few branded pens. Instead, look for a need or experience that only your brand could fill. Find places where the culture of the sponsorship and your brand align and create content to tell that story. 

We helped CAP COM Federal Credit Union leverage their sponsorship of the Siena Saints men's basketball team by creating content for game day. This included a new team intro video for the live experience, and social content leading up to and during the game. These elements were on top of traditional giveaways and a philanthropic partnership with an upcoming basketball camp.

Utilizing social to add value to the fan experience also amplified the awareness CAP COM received from the sponsorship. During the final home game of the year, we saw:

  • 16,723 reached on Facebook

  • 15,638 reached on Instagram

  • 6,557 views on Twitter

  • 2,213 Clicks with Mobile Video

All of these numbers mean that on top of the in-stadium opportunities, CAP COM was invited to utilize the sponsorship to reach an audience with content they may not have reached otherwise.

Working with the the college, our production team captured footage, arranged and produced a version of their game day anthem, and ultimately created content that made students and fans proud, brought to them by CAP COM. 


Pre-game Team Intro Video

Giving more than entertainment, CAP COM gave scholarships for a Siena basketball camp to local students from the Capital Region.


Instagram Stories Game Day Content


How could you leverage your brand sponsorships more effectively if production weren't an obstacle?