Video Production & Making People Feel Things


With media being consumed over 10 hours a day in the United States, it is important to produce content that adds value to people’s lives. So, when a concept is pitched at J&M, we analyze every aspect of it to make sure the execution of the idea makes people feel things.

In a world that is widely adopting 4K HDR video, we have based our production workflow around tomorrow's standards. This means starting with the absolute best cameras in the industry to ensure that every detail is flawlessly captured on every production. From there, we build a lighting package that allows us to manipulate the tone of the production. Ever wonder why Hollywood films look different than a home video? It starts with light design.

One of the last steps that occurs in a production is color grading. We go back to the original concept and ask ourselves how we want people to feel when they finish watching the video. Using color psychology, we can manipulate a viewer's emotions by the way we portray color on screen.



All of these processes ensure that the original concept has the maximum impact on the viewer. Because when people feel things, they do things. And the end goal for us with video is that a viewer feels moved enough to further explore the feelings we provoke.

Tyler Kerpsack is the video producer at James & Matthew.  He joined the team in 2017 and currently lives in Orlando, Florida, where he enjoys theme parks, playing guitar, and avoiding tourists.