Cookie Express

Tell us about your new creative venture!

Melissa: Cookie Express is a cookie-sharing project (experiment) that runs solely on donations. For instance, if you send one person an order of cookies and donate $10, I would put the leftover $3 or $4 towards an order that wasn't able to donate.


I wanted to remove the barrier for people to send one another cookies.

So, how did you come up with the idea?

Melissa: I came up with the idea from buying The FeedFeed's Holiday Cookie issue of their magazine. With the approaching holidays, I made all orders donation-based and hoped for the best!

How has this project been creatively fulfilling for you?

Melissa: I've been a copywriter for about three years, but I've been cooking since I was about five. My dad taught me how to cook eggs at first, and now they're my favorite food. He gave me my very first spatula when I was 11, and wouldn't you know I still use that thing every day. Cooking became my form of art early on, and I've never really been able to live without it.


Getting to be in my kitchen on a daily basis, working with different ingredients and inventing recipes is how I stay creative and keep my imagination sharp.

Do you think it's important to have a creative side hustle like this, outside of our 9-5 work?

Melissa: To each their own! I haven't decided if I'm going to create more side hustles that are directly related to my cooking, as I never want cooking to start to feel like work. However, I think side hustles in general are just a good way to keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, see what you're able to accomplish with a very niche set of skills, and see where that takes you.

How can we learn more about Cookie Express?

Melissa: Cookie Express can be found at It's just a small project that I'm doing for fun for the holidays, that will probably end after Christmas. I am making a trek from Denver to Pennsylvania until November 26, and won't have my baking or shipping supplies, so any orders that come in between that window won't be addressed until the 27th at the earliest. Additionally, this project has not been getting the donations I was initially hoping, so unfortunately, orders that don't come with donations are on backorder, so there's a chance those won't be able to be fulfilled. BUT! All orders do still come through to me, so you never know!

David Clark