Meet Ashley Nunz

Tell us about yourself and your background. How did you get started doing what you do?

Ashley: I’m a naturally creative designer with a fine arts degree in my back pocket, five years of design experience, and a knack for putting a refreshing modern spin on design. I specialize in creative direction, brand identity, content creation, and email marketing.


Ashley (right) with the owner of Tennyson.

Sneak peek of the new Tennyson logo, still in revisions.

Sneak peek of the new Tennyson logo, still in revisions.

What are you doing now, career-wise?

Ashley: After a recent departure from the corporate world, I am currently enjoying both the creative freedom and personal freedom that is available in the freelance world.

We've heard about the rebranding project that you are working on right now. Tell us about that!

Ashley: I’m currently working with a local interior design studio, Tennyson Studio. It’s been so fun to turn their intangible visions and ideas into something tangible.

What is your creative process like with something like this?

Ashley: When it comes to working with clients on their brand identity, I want the experience from beginning to end to feel less like being stuck in rush hour traffic on a Friday and more like a scenic drive through the mountains with your best friends: eye-catching, affordable, and exhilarating. In my opinion, there is nothing better than moving from a brand identity that screams ‘I did this myself!’ to one that stands out from a crowd.


What's next for you?

Ashley: For the first time in my life I’m not really thinking about what’s next, but rather just enjoying this season both personally and professionally.

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