Meet Rick Rosenberg

Tell us a little about yourself and your background, Rick. How did you get started doing what you do? 


Rick Rosenberg

That smolder tho.

Rick: I'm a geographical mutt. I was born in Los Angeles and lived and worked in Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Dallas. While working on my bachelor's in Broadcast Communications, I took a creative advertising class called "Copy and Layout." I fell in love immediately. Post-grad, I did a couple years as a radio DJ, but after developing a copywriting portfolio, I got my first job at an ad agency. 

So tell us what you are doing now, career-wise...

Rick: After climbing to CD then ECD, I'm now freelancing at ad agencies as a creative director/strategist/concept/copywriting person. Also doing some voiceover work and teaching at NYU on occasion. I also recently wrote a short film starring F. Murray Abraham as the Voice Of God. It's been appearing at film festivals around the country. 

We've heard about your scripts that you have in development. So exciting! What can you tell us about them?

Rick: I have one script in development and 1 being shopped to actors and movie studios. The one in development is a kid's animated feature about pigeons. My producer on the project just released another film, "The Only Living Boy In New York" starring Kate Beckinsale and Jeff Bridges. The script currently being shopped is a dark comedy about a female judge who's getting blackmailed, not for money, but for sex. 

What is your creative process like with something like that?

Rick: It depends. The pigeon idea was mine; the blackmailed judge idea was the producer's. Whether the idea is mine or not, as the screenwriter, I always begin with an outline and often start with the end. It's tough to go on a trip without knowing where you're headed! Once I have a solid (and approved) outline, I do character bios, making sure they're full-fledged people. Then I can start writing the scenes; dialogue, etc. 

So, other than the scripts you're working on, what is next for you?

Rick: I'm very interested in Cause Marketing - any marketing endeavor that's altruistic in nature. I've been pursuing those opportunities when and where I can. I'm also open to the right full-time job; maybe something that mingles my copywriting experience with screenwriting experience. That would be the perfect opportunity. 

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