It’s True.

We’re in a better place now.

Don’t worry though, we’re not talking about walking into that bright light. The dodos of James & Matthew are alive and well.

This better place is the culmination of new and old – clients and teammates, ideas and process, and the lessons we’ve learned through the year.  It’s a better place because we’ve learned to make better.

So, what drove us to this better place of making… better?

Doing work we love with people we love.

If you happened across this page, you are one of those people. So, sincerely, from the bottom of our collective dodo heart, we say thank you. We’ve moved on to a better place because of you.

Enjoy that coffee cake (seriously that thing is ridiculously good) and happy holidays from the team at James & Matthew,

Team Signatures-02.png

How to Make the Perfect Coffee Cake - Better.

Returning this year is a J&M holiday classic. Jim and Matt decided to make a demo video on how they like to prepare their holiday coffee cake, and as usual, things got a little...weird. In the spirit of making a good thing even better, enjoy!